Some info about me

I'm Haitian/ Puerto Rican born and raised in Miami. Love being able to express myself through my work. Love being positive for those around me. My heritage has taught me live with passion. conquer each day by raising the hearts and spirits of those around you with integrity and discipline .

Graduated with a bachelors in Miami Dade College in Supervision and management major at Kendall Campus, received a Gold Circle Award from The Columbia Scholastic Press Association, winning first place in the Photography Portfolio for Magazine Publications category.  

He submitted his portfolio to Miambiance Magazine, the literary and arts magazine at Kendall Campus that critiques and publishes the art and literary works of Miami Dade College students. Miambiance submitted Talleyrand’s work to the CSPA to compete for a Gold Circle Award.

The Columbia Scholastic Press Association grants the Gold Circle Award to student journalists who have superior work in either print or media. The program is done by Columbia University in New York City.